The Kids Suite
Helping kids and families thrive in a peaceful, home-like setting.
Welcome to The Kids Suite, Advanced Orthopedic Newberg Physical Therapy Pediatric Services.

We’re an innovative outpatient physical and occupational therapy practice dedicated to improving the lives and well being of children.

Every child is unique with particular needs, so we take an individualized approach to crafting highly specialized programs. We partner with parents to incorporate our full range of therapies into a customized plan that we tailor to your child’s needs and your family’s goals.

Our Approach

We partner with family members and work closely to assess each child’s current functioning level. Then we create an individualized plan to help each child achieve optimal results. We will challenge the child in a loving environment, pushing their performance and helping them achieve new developmental milestones.

Our Pediatric Services

Physical Therapy

Improving the lives and daily function of children with disabilities

Occupational Therapy

Helping children be successful in daily activities at home, in school, and in the community

Have a look around The Kids Suite

Located 1 mile east of downtown Newberg, The Kids Suite is our pediatric therapy clinic that’s upstairs from our physical therapy clinic. It’s a calm, welcoming space that promotes a home-like learning environment. We designed each room with thoughtfulness and careful attention to every detail.

The Kids Suite features a gym, hand therapy station, gross motor and balance equipment, platform swing, sensory room, focus helpers, tons of fun toys, and much more. It reminds us daily of what our company values most — family, empathy, compassion, and trust.

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