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Congratulations to our amazing patient Lisa Baley on her recovery! Read the interview below to learn more about her journey.

What brought you to AOPT?

Nov 1, 2018 I was concussed on the left side of my temple by a hard-bound book. I came into AOPT suffering from 6 months of severe dizziness, vertigo, nausea, panic attacks headaches, sensitivity to light and sound. I would describe it as being “drunk all the time”. My journey from 2 CT scans, 1 MRI, 1 balance test, brought me to AOPT. My doctor advised me to start vestibular therapy in the hopes it would give me some relief.  My first appointment with Brent was the first time I had any answers and clarity to my onset. He asked me about my lifestyle, stressors, work life, activity level, and nutrition habits.  He quickly came to the conclusion that my symptoms were a result of my concussion 2 years prior that did not get the proper care it needed to heal.  I developed bad pathways in my brain to cope with stress and anxiety in my work and my personal life.  It was a relief to know what I was experiencing was real.  He and I set up a recovery plan of 2 times per week.  Brent and Jose always met me where I was at for the day of therapy, good or bad.  They pushed me to do better, made me laugh, and encouraged me the whole way through my therapy.

What have you enjoyed most about physical therapy?

I enjoyed the friendly staff. No matter how bad I felt I always looked forward to seeing them.

Is there anything you could do now that you could not when you started?

Everything!  My life was at a complete standstill.  I was miserable. I had to take time off work, I could not drive without visually being overstimulated and sick.  I am now back to work. I am driving, working out, getting outside, and enjoying my life again.

What do you like to do with your free time?  

I love biking, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, reading, journaling, being with my kids, football season, and exploring new places. Most of all meeting new people and building new relationships.


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Ready to start your journey to recovery at Advanced Orthopedic?

Ready to start your journey to recovery at Advanced Orthopedic?