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How Can AOPT Help Your Neck Pain?

Patient Functional Outcomes

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons to visit a physical therapist, with approximately 20% of the population experiencing neck pain at some point in their life. For a majority of people, neck pain is not caused by serious pathology and can be readily treated by a physical therapist.

This is good news because research has shown that people with neck pain often experience quicker improvements in the short term and long term in areas such as pain, disability and perceived recovery when working with a physical therapist.

At Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy, our patients’ functional outcomes are nearly 2x that of the national average. After treatment, patients have shown 79% improvement in function compared to the national average of 47%.

If you have neck pain, you don’t have to manage it alone. We would like to offer you a free screening at our Clinic! To schedule a free screening please contact our office at 503-537-7070.



– The Advanced Orthopedic PT Team



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