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Meet Joy, a recent graduate of George Fox University who plays in competitive soccer leagues.

Joy played soccer throughout her youth, and even overseas during college! She came to AOPT for chronic ankle pain secondary to a lateral ankle sprain and associated avulsion fracture. The acute injury happened during a game when she was dribbling the ball and the opposing player landed on her. Avulsion fractures occur when a ligament or tendon pull off a small piece of bone, and can often be overlooked when it coincides with an ankle sprain.

Our staff used a combination of exercise, soft tissue mobilization, modalities, and taping mechanisms to assist in a healthy recovery. Activities were performed in the clinic to challenge her ankle strategies, balance, and to help return to sports with manageable symptoms. Joy progressed to a difficult gym routine involving kettle bells, medicine balls, agility ladders, and plyometric hurdles, etc. Pictured is her performing a single leg Romanian dead lift on top of a BOSU balance ball. Joy has recently returned to a co-ed league and is dominating the soccer field!

Meet Karen, who wants to share her PT success story!

Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder are unaware of the benefits of physical therapy. Karen was accidentally struck by a curtain rod, which affected her mouth alignment. She suffered from jaw pain and a shifting bite for over four months. She even had a molar that was damaged and cracked.

Karen experienced disturbed sleep and was unable to chew certain foods. An oral surgeon referred her to physical therapy for TMJ disorder to focus on relieving pain and improving her quality of life.

Her rehabilitation included manual therapy combined with Graston instruments to release muscle tension and restore jaw function. Karen responded well to treatment, and in less than one month of physical therapy felt more than 90% improved!

Meet Raechel, a sophomore at Newberg High School who competes on the cheerleading team.

She came to AOPT after a procedure on her right knee addressing loose bone fragments and cartilage repair. Activities that increase joint pressure such as jumping, running, squatting and prolonged standing caused pain and limited full participation in sports activities and community mobility.

The goal of her rehab was to increase her lower extremity strength and endurance, as well as decreasing inflammation in her knee for improved participation in cheerleading. Raechel was compliant and consistent with his home exercise program, which started with gentle stretches and progressed to a strength routine.

She felt confident managing her symptoms and was able to join her teammates in the national competition in Anaheim, CA. Her team placed FIRST in the nation out of 16 teams! Raechel’s hard work paid off in rehabbing her knee, which allowed her to return to sport on a national level and we congratulate her on her success!

Meet Allison, a patient who came to AOPT following a motor vehicle accident.

Allison was experiencing low back, hip, and neck pain. An MRI revealed multiple disc bulges and tendinopathy in her hip. That is when she was referred to physical therapy.

Prior to the accident, Allison was very active with running, taking care of her 3 children (pictured above), and working as a dental hygienist. The injuries she sustained from the car accident were limiting her ability to perform daily activities, as she experienced pain throughout the day. She began with an exercise program that focused on lumbar and pelvic stabilization.

We start patients on exercises that strengthen deep core muscles to establish a foundation, diminishing the possibility for reoccurring back pain. Once Allison was feeling stronger and having less pain, she transitioned to the gym for a progression of exercises. She warmed up with dynamic stretches and completed various gym routines with medicine balls, Olympic bar weights, kettlebells, and core exercises.

Allison was extremely pleased with her improvement in physical therapy, and she told our staff “I am able to walk, carry my child, and sit in a car for an extended amount of time completely pain-free”.

Meet Michael, a patient who came to AOPT with ongoing shoulder pain.

He had left shoulder pain that started over 20 years ago when he dislocated it anteriorly lifting weights. The injury exacerbated in 2015 while using the bench press, and he felt extreme discomfort with rest, sedentary computer use, and sleeping.

An MRI revealed a SLAP type II tear (superior labral tear from anterior to posterior). Michael started PT prior to surgery to improve overall function, increase strength, and to help with the post-op recovery. He came back to our clinic after his surgery and followed a protocol that guided his rehabilitation.

During his treatment sessions, a combination of modalities, manual techniques, and exercise helped Michael with pain control and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Once he gained back his range of motion, he began using resistance bands for exercise, and eventually progressed to functional gym routine with dumbbells, medicine balls, and a series of full body planks.

Michael learned the appropriate form and technique to help him in his future gym endeavors. He was successful with the recovery of his shoulder due to the diligence with his home exercise program, hard work and motivation to get back to his daily activities/workouts prior to surgery. AOPT wishes Michael the best!

Meet Sarah, a patient who came to AOPT one month after a motor vehicle accident.

Sarah had strained her cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Previous to the accident, she was very active chasing around her son and twin toddlers. However, activities, like carrying her children, standing for long periods at work, and exercising, became difficult and caused large amounts of pain.

Sarah began her treatment with modalities (heat and electrical stimulation) and an exercise program that focused on lumbar and pelvic stabilization. We start patients on exercises that strengthen deep core muscles to establish a foundation, diminishing the possibility for reoccurring back pain.

Once Sarah was feeling stronger and having less pain, she transitioned to the gym for a progression of exercises. Sarah warmed up on the bike, went through a series of static and dynamic stretches, and then a different exercise circuit for each of her appointments. Her strength circuit consisted of plank variations, TRX rows/chest press, medicine ball squats, and eventually Olympic weighted reverse lunges!

Within two months of physical therapy, Sarah improved her Low Back Oswestry score from 20% to 0% disability, indicating a full recovery. Sarah was a pleasure to work with, and we are very happy she is back to her normal daily activities.

Meet Noah, a young athlete who came to AOPT with severe low back and hip pain, that all attributed from a baseball injury.

A few months ago, Noah collided with another player sliding into second base, and has experienced back pain ever since. Therefore, when he came to AOPT it was more of a chronic injury that was being treated.

Noah went through a series of stretches that first and foremost relieved the intense discomfort he was feeling. During his treatment sessions, the therapists focused on flexibility to establish a foundation, before approaching a strengthening routine.

Pictured above is Noah doing a deadlift comfortably with 35 lbs! He was instructed on proper form and technique and completed the gym routine with no pain. We are very pleased with Noah’s quick recovery and look forward to continuing to build strength as baseball season quickly approaches!

Noah was diligent with his home exercises and stretches, which lead to progressing his program. A gym routine includes a dynamic stretching warm up, a balance activity, and the various exercises for a circuit workout.

Meet Randy, a patient who came to AOPT after suffering an ankle fracture and many bone bruises from an accident on job site.

Randy works a labor-intensive job and was unable to work for a few weeks, as well as struggled with daily activities at home. He was more than anxious to get back to his normal routine.

After two months of physical therapy, Randy reported 98% improvement and is now able to work pain-free. He gained back the range of motion of his ankle and foot, improved flexibility, and built strength with various gym exercises that included jumping, kettle bells, squats, and more!

Randy claims that he is “now able to play sports with his buddies and drive long distances pain free”.

Meet Kathy, a patient who came to AOPT with severe knee pain, and a lateral meniscus tear.

She experienced two falls while walking on uneven ground, which lead to instability and pain in her knee. Kathy was unable to squat, walk a flight of stairs, or even take her dogs around the vineyard without feeling discomfort or pain. Kathy was nervous for physical therapy, as she had PT in the past for a previous knee injury.

Modalities, such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, as well as manual treatment, were applied throughout her bout of therapy. However, she was eventually progressed to a gym routine and a home program. Kathy felt that her exercises were difficult but motivating for her to reach her full potential and return to running.

In Kathy’s photo, she is doing squats on a BOSU ball while holding a medicine ball… she’s a champ in the gym! It took patience and hard work on Kathy’s part to get to where she is now, and we couldn’t be happier. In less than two months, she is now able to perform a deep squat, work in the vineyard, and exercise pain-free. We wish Kathy, a fellow Beaver believer, the best!

Meet Delia, a patient who came to AOPT following a total hip replacement.

Delia came into her first visit using a walker, and unable to stand from a sitting position without armrests. Simple things, like putting on socks and tying her shoes, or sleeping on her right side were a serious struggle for Delia post-surgery. She was motivated to recover quickly, and get back to her normal activities, such as walking and exercising with her husband.

A protocol was followed throughout her treatment sessions, and she was progressed to a gym routine and home program. Delia came into our office functioning 6% on the lower extremity scale, and after spending less than 2 months in physical therapy she claims that she feels fully recovered! Delia focused on her gait pattern, improved agility with the use of ladder drills, and developed a strength routine with kettlebells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

It was a pleasure working with Delia, and she said that ‘the icing on the cake for my recovery was spending the holiday at the mountain, and I was able to walk 3 miles in the snow pain-free. I could have never imagined doing that before surgery’. Best wishes to Delia!

Meet Jesse, a patient who came to AOPT with bilateral knee pain due to riding horses and overuse from running.

She battled with knee pain since high school, but years down the road her pain continued to get worse, so that’s when she decided to try PT. Jesse was very consistent and determined throughout her bout of physical therapy.

Now 3 months later, Jesse states she feels “95% improved and expects to reach 100% as she continues to do the exercises learned at AOPT”. Jesse is now back to running 3 miles a day, and continues to get stronger.

Best wishes to Jesse!

Meet Keisha, an active athlete who was injured just weeks before her first marathon. Read below her success story reflecting on the short time she spent in physical therapy:

Sadly, three weeks before the 2016 Portland Marathon, I ended up with a knee injury from a rec-league basketball game. I was heartbroken, frustrated, and terrified that I wouldn’t be able to complete my first marathon. After being referred to AOPT, I knew right away that I would be cared for.

I hobbled in the next day and Nate gave me the encouragement that I needed: “We will get you to finish the marathon.” I seemed a bit nervous about that task at the time, but I showed up and promised that I would listen to the therapists, and trust in the exercises that we’d be doing. Yes, I wouldn’t be able to do finish my last minute long runs or any other exercises until the race, but I would be able to strengthen and work to rehabilitate the knee.

To Nate, Shannon, Rikki, and Jenine – THANK YOU for caring about me as a patient and a person. I actually enjoyed coming in twice a week to get back on track because I genuinely believe that you cared about who I was. You helped me focus on what’s important in life, and that I could take tiny steps towards getting healthy again. Thank you for the laughs, the occasional hard workouts, and for all the encouragement.

Although I would never wish to get injured along the way, I’m forever grateful for AOPT and the entire staff of helping me in the recovery process. With your help, I did in fact, complete the Portland Marathon!


“I would have never been able to accomplish any of this without the help of Nate, my physical therapist.”

When I first started physical therapy at Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy, I could hardly walk at all. My husband had to help me to and from the car to all my doctor’s office visits. I walked hunched over, as if I was about to fall.

I am on disability from four herniated discs in my back, a cancerous brain tumor, bipolar disorder, and breast cancer. I had back surgery to fuse two discs. I talked to the neurosurgeon about my walking and he felt that it was caused by scar tissue around the incision. So I continued the exercises religiously that Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy had set up for me. I still didn’t improve much, and my husband had to help me to the bathroom until I was able to use the walker I had from my back surgery. This was all I could do for myself.

Because of my physical state, I laid on my Tempurpedic bed watching music videos most of the time. My physical therapist had me start using my cane which I struggled with and hated. I used my cane for about a month, which was a challenge but I improved. I would lie in bed at night and cry thinking I am only 54 years old, and I will have to use a cane for the rest of my life. I would look up at all the magnificent black and white photos that hung in my room that I had taken and framed, and thought how am I ever going to do photography with one hand?

I went to a neurologist who looked at my brain MRI and thought the white area around the incision could possibly be water, not scar tissue. When I told her I had bronchitis for 6 weeks and could not get out of bed, she stated that I had muscle atrophy. I was happy, and thought I can beat this! I started riding my stationary bike two hours a day and continuing with the exercises assigned to by Nate. I increased my PT appointments to three times a week. Then I started walking; I could walk further and further each time. I started walking at 30 feet, and now am walking up to 600 feet during my therapy session.

I would have never been able to accomplish any of this without the help of Nate, my physical therapist. I am able to walk around my house on my own, go outside and sit in the sun, go to the Rose Gardens to take pictures, and drive. It feels really good to be self-sufficient again, thanks to all the staff at Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy!

Meet Linda, one of our patients who has seen 90% improvement in a short amount of time in physical therapy.

Linda came to AOPT because she was tired of having shoulder and neck pain that was worsening with simple daily activities. It got to the point where she could barely use her shoulder at all.

Linda followed her home exercise program, which consisted of a series of stretches and progressed to a strengthening routine. She was only seen for 3 treatment visits and feels comfortable managing her symptoms and is pain-free!

Meet Tina B., one of our patients who has changed her life tremendously.

Tina had been struggling with back pain from a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago, and at the time did not seek treatment. In recent months she struggled to walk, and her pain progressively worsened to where she could no longer work the normal hours in the dental office. She felt that this injury was aging her, and the frustration led her to AOPT.

Less than four months in physical therapy, Tina has left AOPT feeling like a new woman and very thankful to be pain-free and 90% improved. It wasn’t an easy process for Tina, so the therapists slowly progressed her when necessary to get her flexibility to where it is today.

Tina had never expected to see so much change in a short amount of time and said, “trust was a big step for me, and seeing improvement with simple and effective exercises really helped my mobility”. It was such a pleasure to work with Tina, and we are happy to see her healthy and moving again!

Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder are unaware of the benefits of physical therapy. Meet Stephanie O. (pictured), who wanted to share her PT success story regarding this issue!

I have suffered from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder all my life. In my teens, the pain got much worse and I had jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, and ringing in my ears. I am now 49 years old, therefore I have been dealing with extreme pain for over 30 years.

I went to see an oral surgeon (I have seen many in my lifetime), but this one told me about physical therapy for my jaw. I had never heard of such a thing. I started seeing Nate and he did a series of treatments each visit and it was as if he knew exactly where my pain was. With those treatments and home exercises, my pain has improved 80%.

I am so grateful for his knowledge of my issues, he has helped me in ways he will never know. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Meet Eva Z., one of our current patients who has enlightened us with her journey to America. Eva was kind enough to share her story of escape during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

At the time of her escape, Eva was 18 and recently married to Sandor, a revolutionary sympathizer. The Russian communists were after Sandor, therefore they wanted to leave as soon as possible. Eva was forced to leave behind close family, in the hopes of establishing safety and a better future elsewhere. Because her travels were such a nightmare, it took ten years to even discuss it with anyone. She walked many miles in the dark and snow, without any clean clothes or water as she approached the border.

Eva and her husband stayed in various camps, but were sent to an old military camp because she was battling TB, and not for the first time. Along with 200 other people, they were sent to a camp in Salzberg, and onto Munich, Paris, and then to New Jersey in a Red Cross Airplane. Eva’s full interview can be found online at:

Eva is currently recovering from a hip replacement and is such a joy to work with. She is a new resident to Newberg but has been in the Pacific Northwest for many years. She is a determined individual, as her past clearly shows. Therefore she is improving a little each day, and cannot wait to return to hiking and dancing!

In July of this year, I was practicing with my water polo team ready to work through a hard summer season. I have been very fortunate to never have had an injury as a year-round competitive athlete. With that being said, I never had to go to physical therapy, and really didn’t know what physical therapy was all about. At my last practice, and on into my weeks of PT, my whole perspective of my body and the benefits of physical therapy was altered.

One night at water polo practice, I twisted my knee, and because I had no previous record of injuries, I struggled with knowing what to do. The next morning, I woke up in severe pain and in a bit of a panic as I was preparing to go to college in August to swim and play water polo. I first thought of my pediatrician, but then realized that I probably needed someone who was more specialized in sports injuries. That’s when I turned to Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I had heard so many great things about their practice, so I tried it out for myself.

Due to my situation, they were able to get me an appointment that day, and I began a five-week road to recovery. The doctors and staff at Advanced Orthopedic cared for me and pushed me mentally and physically and due to their expertise, I am fully recovered. I went from hobbling into the office on my first day, barely able to walk, to running and doing burpees by the end.

I am now cleared to participate in all athletic activity and feeling great, with confidence, that I will be able to tackle all future athletic challenges with 100%. I am now leaving for Grove City College in Pennsylvania. I am so excited to say that because of physical therapy and the efforts of Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy, I will be able to continue to follow my passion for athletics on the college water polo and swim team this school year.

Jace is a college-bound athlete, who is reliant on a healthy body to play his best on the basketball court.

When he injured his knee, he came to AOPT hopeful to get back to basketball ASAP. Jace said he was “disappointed when I was misdiagnosed at the hospital, but the AOPT staff figured out what was truly wrong, and gave me the tools and strength to get on the court fast”!

After his time in physical therapy, he went on to finish two impressive high school seasons as team captain. We are excited to share that Jace will be attending the University of Great Falls in Montana, where he will be playing basketball and pursuing a degree in business. We cannot wait to cheer on the Argos, all the way from Oregon!

Meet Betty W., a patient who came to AOPT with chronic hip and knee pain.

Betty was used to a very active lifestyle, walking two miles every morning with her husband, gardening, and many other activities. When her hips consistently interfered with her daily routine, she knew that she needed help. Betty had seen many doctors and was extremely frustrated. She wanted to be in good health traveling across Europe for a vacation at the end of the summer.

She now has all the tools to manage her pain, and a daily home exercise program. Betty told our staff that she “can sleep comfortably through the night, feels stronger, and can truly do anything that she wishes without the fear of being in pain”.

Over the course of fewer than two months in physical therapy, she gained flexibility with new stretches, built strength in different gym routines, and is back to her morning walks. In the gym, Betty learned the technique of squats and lunges, worked on improving balance and gained a better understanding of proper body alignment.

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