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Backpack Safety

The back to school season is upon us! For most students that means lugging around a backpack. Backpacks can be great tools for carrying books and supplies but can cause soreness or injuries if used improperly.

Here are some key components of proper backpack use:

1. Proper Fit

Backpacks should be no wider than the user’s chest, worn no lower than 2-4 inches below the waist, and supported by a waist or chest strap.

2. Backpack Quality

Good backpacks have a padded back, several compartments, a waist or chest strap, and two wide, padded shoulder straps.

3. How It's Worn

Always wear both straps and adjust the backpack so it fits snuggly between the user’s neck and the curve of the lower back.

4. How It's Loaded

Keep the load as light as possible packing only what is needed for that day. Place the heaviest objects closest to the back, use the compartments to distribute the weight, and hand carry heavy books. If carrying heavy items is unavoidable consider a rolling backpack.

It's Too Heavy If:

  • It causes the wearer to lean forward
  • It weighs more than 10-15% of the wearer’s bodyweight

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