Sarah – Motor Vehicle Accident

Meet Sarah, a patient who came to AOPT one month after a motor vehicle accident. Sarah had strained her cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Previous to the accident, she was very active chasing around her son and twin toddlers. However, activities like carrying her children, standing for long periods at work, and exercising became difficult and caused large amounts pain. Sarah began her treatment with modalities (heat and electrical stimulation) and an exercise program that focused on lumbar and pelvic stabilization. We start patients on exercises that strengthen deep core muscles to establish a foundation, diminishing the possibility for reoccurring back pain. Once Sarah was feeling stronger and having less pain, she transitioned to the gym for a progression of exercises. Sarah warmed up on the bike, went through a series of static and dynamic stretches, and then a different exercise circuit for each of her appointments. Her strength circuit consisted of plank variations, TRX rows/chest press, medicine ball squats, and eventually Olympic weighted reverse lunges (pictured above)! Within two months of physical therapy, Sarah improved her Low Back Oswestry score from 20% to 0% disability, indicating a full recovery. Sarah was a pleasure to work with, and we are very happy she is back to her normal daily activities.

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