Raechel – Knee Pain

Meet Raechel, a sophomore at Newberg High School who competes on the cheerleading team. She came to AOPT after a procedure on her right knee addressing loose bone fragments and cartilage repair. Activities that increase joint pressure such as jumping, running, squatting and prolonged standing caused pain and limited full participation in sport activities and community mobility. The goal of her rehab was to increase her lower extremity strength and endurance, as well as decreasing inflammation in her knee for improved participation in cheerleading. Raechel was compliant and consistent with his home exercise program, which started with gentle stretches and progressed to a strength routine. She felt confident managing her symptoms, and was able to join her teammates in the national competition in Anaheim, CA. Her team placed FIRST in the nation out of 16 teams! Raechel’s hard work payed off in rehabbing her knee, which allowed her to return to sport on a national level and we congratulate her on her success!

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