Noah – Back & Hip Pain

Meet Noah, a young athlete who came to AOPT with severe low back and hip pain, that all attributed from a baseball injury. A few months ago, Noah collided with another player sliding into second base, and has experienced back pain ever since. Therefore, when he came to AOPT it was more of a chronic injury that was being treated. Noah went through a series of stretches that first and foremost relieved the intense discomfort he was feeling. During his treatment sessions, the therapists focused on flexibility to establish a foundation, before approaching a strengthening routine. Noah was diligent with his home exercises and stretches, which lead to progressing his program. A gym routine includes a dynamic stretching warm up, a balance activity, and then various exercises for a circuit workout. Pictured above is Noah doing a dead lift comfortably with 35 lbs! He was instructed on proper form and technique, and completed the gym routine with no pain. We are very pleased with Noah’s quick recovery and look forward to continue and build strength as baseball season quickly approaches!

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