Michael – Shoulder Pain

Meet Michael, a patient who came to AOPT with ongoing shoulder pain. He had left shoulder pain that started over 20 years ago when he dislocated it anteriorly lifting weights. The injury exacerbated in 2015 while using the bench press, and he felt extreme discomfort with rest, sedentary computer use, and sleeping. An MRI revealed a SLAP type II tear (superior labral tear from anterior to posterior). Michael started PT prior to surgery to improve overall function, increase strength, and to help with the post-op recovery. He came back to our clinic after his surgery, and followed a protocol that guided his rehabilitation. During his treatment sessions, a combination of modalities, manual techniques, and exercise helped Michael with pain control and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Once he gained back his range of motion, he began using resistance bands for exercise, and eventually progressed to functional gym routine with dumbbells, medicine balls, and a series of full body planks. Michael learned the appropriate form and technique to help him in his future gym endeavors. He was successful with the recovery of his shoulder due to the diligence with his home exercise program, hard work and motivation to get back to his daily activities/workouts prior to surgery. AOPT wishes Michael the best!

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