Kathy – Knee Pain

Meet Kathy, a patient who came to AOPT with severe knee pain, and a lateral meniscus tear. She experienced two falls while walking on uneven ground, which lead to instability and pain in her knee. Kathy was unable to squat, walk a flight of stairs, or even take her dogs around the vineyard without feeling discomfort or pain. Kathy was nervous for physical therapy, as she had PT in the past for a previous knee injury. Modalities, such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, as well as manual treatment were applied throughout her bout of therapy. However, she was eventually progressed to a gym routine and a home program. Kathy felt that her exercises were difficult but motivating for her to reach her full potential and return to running. Pictured above, is Kathy doing squats on a BOSU ball, while holding a medicine ball…she’s a champ in the gym! It took patience and hard work on Kathy’s part to get to where she is now, and we couldn’t be happier. In less than two months, she is now able to perform a deep squat, work in the vineyard, and exercise pain free. We wish Kathy, a fellow Beaver believer, the best!

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