Joy – Ankle Pain

Meet Joy, a recent graduate of George Fox University who plays in competitive soccer leagues. Joy played soccer throughout her youth, and even overseas during college! She came to AOPT for chronic ankle pain secondary to a lateral ankle sprain and associated avulsion fracture. The acute injury happened during a game when she was dribbling the ball and the opposing player landed on her. Avulsion fractures occur when a ligament or tendon pull off a small piece of bone, and can often be overlooked when it coincides with an ankle sprain. Our staff used a combination of exercise, soft tissue mobilization, modalities, and taping mechanisms to assist in a healthy recovery. Activities were performed in the clinic to challenge her ankle strategies, balance, and to help return to sports with manageable symptoms. Joy progressed to a difficult gym routine involving kettle bells, medicine balls, agility ladders, and plyometric hurdles, etc. Pictured below is her performing a single leg Romanian dead lift on top of a BOSU balance ball. Joy has recently returned to a co-ed league, and is dominating the soccer field!

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