Delia – Hip

Meet Delia, a patient who came to AOPT following a total hip replacement. Delia came into her first visit using a walker, and unable to stand from a sitting position without arm rests. Simple things, like putting on socks and tying her shoes, or sleeping on her right side were a serious struggle for Delia post-surgery. She was motivated to recover quickly, and get back to her normal activities, such as walking and exercising with her husband. A protocol was followed throughout her treatment sessions, and she was progressed to a gym routine and home program. Delia came into our office functioning 6% on the lower extremity scale, and after spending less than 2 months in physical therapy she claims that she feels fully recovered! Delia focused on her gait pattern, improved agility with the use of ladder drills, and developed a strength routine with kettle bells, medicine balls, and resistance bands. It was a pleasure working with Delia, and she said that ‘the icing on the cake for my recovery was spending the holiday at the mountain, and I was able to walk 3 miles in the snow pain free. I could have never imagined doing that before surgery’. Best wishes to Delia!

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