Betty – Chronic Hip and Knee Pain

Meet Betty W., a patient who came to AOPT with chronic hip and knee pain. Betty was used to a very active lifestyle, walking two miles every morning with her husband, gardening, and many other activities. When her hips consistently interfered with her daily routine, she knew that she needed help. Betty had seen many doctors, and was extremely frustrated. She wanted to be in good health traveling across Europe for a vacation at the end of the summer.

Over the course of less than two months in physical therapy, she gained flexibility with new stretches, built strength in different gym routines, and is back to her morning walks. In the gym, Betty learned the technique of squats and lunges, worked on improving balance, and gained a better understanding of proper body alignment. She now has all the tools to manage her pain, and a daily home exercise program. Betty told our staff that she “can sleep comfortably through the night, feels stronger, and can truly do anything that she wishes without the fear of being in pain”.

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