Allison – Motor Vehicle Accident

Meet Allison, a patient who came to AOPT following a motor vehicle accident. Allison was experiencing low back, hip, and neck pain. A MRI revealed multiple disc bulges, and tendinopathy in her hip. That is when she was referred to physical therapy. Prior to the accident, Allison was very active with running, taking care of her 3 children (pictured above), and working as a dental hygienist. The injuries she sustained from the car accident were limiting her ability to perform daily activities, as she experienced pain throughout the day. She began with an exercise program that focused on lumbar and pelvic stabilization. We start patients on exercises that strengthen deep core muscles to establish a foundation, diminishing the possibility for reoccurring back pain. Once Allison was feeling stronger and having less pain, she transitioned to the gym for a progression of exercises. She warmed up with dynamic stretches, and completed various gym routines with medicine balls, Olympic bar weights, kettle bells, and core exercises. Allison was extremely pleased with her improvement in physical therapy, and she told our staff “I am able to walk, carry my child, and sit in a car for an extended amount of time completely pain-free”.

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